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Mini Tarotscope

Mini Tarotscope

What if you could use the stars and the cards together to get a better idea of how to overcome a challenge, or issue that is ongoing in your life? Tarot and Astrology have gone hand and hand for decades. 


 Tarotscopes combine astrology and divination to analyze what is going on in the "heavens" and how that might impact our mundane life.  If you book a Tarotscope I will tap into the energy of your sign, and ask the universe for the best advice for you. 


This service can help with confusion about compatiability between two signs, during a retrograde season, full moon/new moon, or before a major event in your life! This is different than our other services as those do not use astrology to explain the cards.


It is required that you share you big three placements (Sun,Moon,Ascendant/Rising)  in order to receive this reading. If you can only figure out your sun sign that is okay! To figure out your placements you can visit Cafe Astrology or CoStar! Both sites are linked below: 


Cafe Astrology:



If you would like a more in-depth version of this reading check out our monthly/weekly tarotscope listing!

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