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Read the rest of this page for information about processing time, shipping, and handling:

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Processing Time: 

Due to moving our current order processing time is 2-3 weeks . Depending on the volume of orders, our standard processing time is only 7-10 business days for all products. We do our best to get things out in a timely manner, but due to working full time there may be delays. You will ALWAYS be notified if this is to occur. 

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Shipping & Handling:

All physical items are shipped via USPS. After your package has been processed by USPS you will receive an email from Sendle with a link to track your shipment. After a package has been dropped off at the post office  we are no longer in control of how quickly it will be delivered. Typically the shipping time is no more that 6 business days.

If for some reason you need to change your address, please email Natalie Graves at

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Magic Under The Moon Care Packages:

Care packages for any "Magic Under The Moon" retreat will always exceed our typical shipping, handling, and processing time due to the fact that there is a large quantity (100-150) to create. Items in the care packages are purchased from other small witchy business or ordered from third parities as well. 

Please refrain from emailing about the care package unless the matter is urgent. Our team will post updates about the current processing time for care packages on social media and in the MUTM Discord. If you need access to the MUTM Discord send us a message! 

You will also receive updates about the process time for care packages in your email when event updates are sent out to attendees. Similar to our regular shipping terms/conditions you will receive an email from Sendle when your package has been processed by USPS. 

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