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Solider, Poet, King - Mini Tarot Reading

Solider, Poet, King - Mini Tarot Reading

Hello adventurer! This reading is aimed to help tell your story and the tales of the things that await you on your path. By using the Prisma and Cosma vision decks we will be able to help you align better with your title of Solider, Poet, or King! After all would an adventure be for a weary traveler without wisdom from the divine or prophecy? 


This reading is great for people who are getting ready to embark on a new journey or era of their life. Whether that is looking for a new career, moving, or just simply trying to step out of your comfort zone. 


Each mini "Solider, Poet, King" reading will consist of six tarot cards from the Prisma Visions deck by James R.Ead. As well as two oracle cards from the Cosma Visions deck, a vision coin, and an anthem for your journey!


If you have any questions about your quest you can ask them below. If you haven't taken the "Solider, Poet, King" test yet please do so and include your results in the form as well as your big three if you know it!

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