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Eros Elixir - In Depth Reading

Eros Elixir - In Depth Reading

Looking for love, but can't seem to find the right person? Having bad luck with love? Trying to manifest a soulmate? This reading might be for you!


The "Eros Elixir" focuses on how an indivdual can manifest or bring more love into their life. This is a great reading for somebody who feels healed after a break up and wants to get back in the dating seen. It is also good for those that simply want to know if it is the right time to try and pursue something romantic with somebody, or if you are just tired of being single. 


"Eros Elixir"  will consist of 7 Tarot Cards and 3 Oracle Cards from the Light Seers Tarot Deck and the Cosma Visions Oracle Deck. The reading will be emailed after it has been purchased and also include a short playlist that is specifically created for you via shufflemancy!


If you are not currently in a relationship, but looking for advice on love check out the Cupids Shuffle or The Bleeding Heart reading!

  • Divination Delivery Method/Timeline

    At this time all readings will be typed out and sent via email. You can expect to get your reading 2-3 weeks after you have made your purchase. This is to allow the reader to meditate, and contemplate your reading. This is also due to how in-depth this reading is. 

    If you have any questions about when you will receive your reading, contact Natalie Graves at, or send us a chat. 

    We appreciate your patience and consideration!

  • Divination Policy & Legal Disclaimer

    Vervain & Bones Divination Readings are meant for entertainment purposes ONLY.  The owner of "Vervain & Bones" does not claim to have any ability to sway/or alter a clients free will. If an inquiry contains any information related to health, fertility, or illegal activites, clients will have the option to change their question or be offered a refund. 

    Please note that the owner of Vervain & Bones does also not claim to be a Psychic or a Psychic Medium. Readings about divinity will be general and focus on the energy surrounding an indivdual. Clients are encouraged to use the insight given via divination and discover who it might be connected above. 

    Per the statement here is a list of activities/situations that the reader does not read on: 

    1. Health, illness, or diagnois related to disease/disorder. This includes both mental and physical illnesses. 
    2. Death
    3. Pregancy or fertility. 
    4. Domestic abuse/domestic issues 
    5. Gambling/Lottery
    6. Drug usuage/Addiction
    7. Legal matters that have been presented in front of a judge, or court of law. 
    8. Arrests/criminal activity

    Since clients are not signing away their consent of free will, the owner of "Vervain and Bones" is not liable for any action pursued by those that pay for a service. Clients are advised to use their discernment and take responsibility for their own actions. 

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$32.40Sale Price
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